Our funds Share class YTD 1 year 3 years Annualized performance since inception 1-year volatility
PHILEAS L/S EUROPE 1.63% 3.06% 1.93% 1.95% 4.38%
PHILEAS EQUITY EUROPE 21.16% 27.36% 46.14% 8.65% 13.01%

Our funds


An absolute return fund.
The fund is invested in European equities and managed according to a long/short market-neutral strategy.

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A European equity fund.
The fund is a long-only stock-picking fund based on firmly established convictions.

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Our expertise

Economic growth is the main driver of stock market performance.

Our work involves analysing corporate performance and conservatively estimating the value of each business we invest in. ESG is embedded in this analysis.

As specialists in long/short equity investment, our approach combines in-depth company knowledge and disciplined risk management.