PHILEAS EQUITY EUROPE is a European UCITS V-compliant mutual fund (FCP) under French law. The Fund invests in European equities. The Fund's investment objective is to outperform the MSCI Europe net return index.

PHILEAS EQUITY EUROPE reproduces the structure of PHILEAS L/S EUROPE's long portfolio.

The fund is actively managed within a strict risk management framework reflecting the firm's long/short culture.
Investments are based on financial analysis and proprietary valuation models.

  • Liquidity: daily
  • Valuation: daily
  • Benchmark: MSCI Europe NR
  • Custodian/Administrator: Caceis
  • Eligible for French Equity Savings Plan ("PEA") and life insurance contract: yes
  • Inception date: 15/10/2015

NAV (share class I)
131.59 €
NAV (share class R)
129.33 €
  • ISIN code, share class I : FR0012749927
  • ISIN code, share class R : FR0012749935

Source : Phileas Asset Management